Lutheran Women Missionary League (LWML)


mite box imageThe ladies of St. Paul are collecting Mite Boxes. Please read below to find out more information...

All About LWML Mites

•Mite Boxes are used to collect money for missions.

•25% of the mite offering is sent to the national LWML for national mission grants, and the remaining 75% is used for LWML Texas District mission grants.

•Mite money is used to further God's kingdom through the mission grants selected by delegates at district and national conventions.

Prayer for Mites

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for giving me all that I have. Bless these mites that I give back to you so that they can be used to spread the Good News of Jesus' love here and throughout the world. Amen.

Where do I turn my box in?

Please turn in your Mite Boxes to Sister Rena Jones or First Lady Joyce Williams. Additional Mite Boxes are located on the Information Table at the rear of the Sanctuary.
For more information regarding LWML, please go the link below: